The tour starts from visiting Okatse canyons (trekking route 1,5 km): it is a cascade of three-step waterfalls falling from the eastern cliff of the Askhi limestone massif, located in the valley of the River Satsiskvilo. The height of the first waterfall is 25 meters whilst the height of the second one is 70 meters. After the stream joins the River Satsiskvilo, it creates a third, 35-meter-high step of the cascade. Okatse Canyon includes a path hanging on a cliff, a footpath, an orangery by an Italian designer and the Dadiani swimming place.This place should fairly be included in your must-visit list! Our next destination is Tskaltubo- a  famous Georgian Spa Resort distinguished with unique warm mineral spring waters (natural temperature 33-35 degrees). Visit to Prometheus Cave – one of the richest caves in Europe, characterized by the variety of underground rivers and beautiful landscapes. Total length of the cave is 15 555 m. Here you will have a chance to take a boat trip and enjoy beautiful surroundings.