Our tour starts from Batumi. Moving on we go to Khulo village – a beautiful part of the Adjaran highland – is distinguished by its rich natural beauty, cultural sites and history. Khulo is composed of mount-forest and mount-meadow soils. Deciduous and coniferous trees and plants predominate in the area. The beautiful Mtsvane Tba (Green Lake) is located in Khulo municipality.  The route takes to the north and follows the boundary between alpine meadows and forest cover. It can be passed by the off-road vehicle. The main adornment of this route is temporary Ajarian summer stations and fascinating views. In 6 km we come to the crotch. Turning right from there we can reach the Green Lake by walking path. We also can reach the Green Lake if we follow the automobile road. We can also continue to the north from the Green Lake and return to Danisparauli Village via Didachara. The route can be passed by both, mountain bike and horse. Here we are making stop for rest and a picnic. Visit to Goderdzi Pass-Upper Station of Cable Way – Distance is 4.1 km. The route goes through the zone of alpine meadows and from its final point (the adjacent area of upper station of the cable way) opens the fascinating panoramic view.