Our tour starts from Batumi. The route begins from Chakvi village: visitors will get acquainted with local customs and traditions in Visitor’s Center. The complex comprises the exhibition and information halls, guest rooms, camping and picnic places. After that, the visitors will start their trip on foot (7 km) from Chakvistavi Village to Tsivtskaro, accompanied with a guide. We visit Mtirala National Park, which is situated on Kobuleti-Chakvi hill at far western part of Adjara-Imereti Range of minor Caucasian mountains. The national park covers 16 000 ha, and features flora and fauna characteristic of the humid forests. The park is a shelter of unique and rare species of Colchian flora and fauna. The highest point of the park is 1761 m, Mtirala mount itself is 1300m above the sea level. The area is rich with mineral and fresh waters good for health. Today the Mtirala National Park is a model protected area in Georgia. While walking around Mtirala National Park, the visitors can enjoy fascinating beauty around the river Chakvistskali, the waterfall and the lake surrounded by the mountains. Along the route visitors can stop and have rest at special picnic areas.

ATTANTION: please note this route is not easy for people in decline age, of course if they are in good physical form. Along the way the instructor-guide will make several stops in special areas for picnics, the first part of the route (1.5 km) – the rise of the hill, and the rest – descent.